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HCCC Quotes

From the HCCC Feasibility Study Published 12/08:

Mentions of Property Inventories, Documentation and/or More Legislative and Regulatory Controls


p. 67:  “In addition to the further compilation of existing data, additional field surveys of the many  residential and mixed-use areas within the proposed NHA will also be required.  This will include individual evaluations of houses and small businesses in Palama, Liliha, Kaka’ako and especially Kalihi, all of which have many remaining examples of modest frame houses, buildings housing manufacturing and repair shops and simple concrete block and frame shops and mixed-use buildings.”


p. 76: “The HCCC envisions an expansion of preservation awareness throughout the National Heritage Area, potential designation of residential and mixed use areas (ital.) either as State or National Register properties..” 


p. 117-118:  “An important benefit of heritage designation would be an enhancement of potential for resource protection.  This includes the potential for further protective legislation and regulations of historic buildings, sites and other special areas through public and governmental controls and also the potential for further documentation…”


p. 151: “Additionally, further documentation of existing resources, including unrecorded historic residential areas in Liliha and Kalihi as well as individual buildings in the Kaka’ako and the Pi’ikoi Street area may result in additional designations and further protections.”


p. 153: “[t]he proposed NHA includes many examples of undocumented vernacular and industrial buildings as well as many sites of traditional association and meaning for Native Hawaiians.  Significant among the former are older plantation-style residences within Kalihi and Laliha (sic.) areas as well as industrial and residential sites within the Kaka’ako Special Design District and Iwilei area---all of which require further documentation as part of the process of future development of the NHA.” [National Heritage Area]


p. 188: “Historic immigrant residential and commercial districts

                        Chinatown (listed and regulated)

                        Kalihi (not surveyed)

                        Palama (not surveyed)

                        Liliha (not surveyed)

                        Kapalama (not surveyed)

                        Kaka’ako (not surveyed)



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