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1.   From a report in The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Public Policy Weekly Bulletin on testimony before Congress regarding National Heritage Areas:

"Rep John Olver (D-MA) also noted that heritage areas are supposed to receive $10 million each to get them started and to build momentum for obtaining private funding. However, established NHAs are only receiving about $350,000 and the newer units only $150,000."

(National Trust for Historic Preservation, Public Policy Weekly Bulletin, May 15, 2009 – vol.4, issue No. 16.)


2.   In the Congressional Budget Office’s Budget Options, Vol. 2 document, they recommended eliminating the National Heritage Area grant program funding entirely starting in 2011. They cited some problems that have continued to plague National Heritage Areas over the past twenty years:

“…lack of demonstrated results…”

“According to the GAO, the Park Service has not established ‘results-oriented performance goals and measures’ in its oversight of heritage areas and has failed to track federal funding or determine the appropriateness of expenditures for the NHA program.”

“Property rights advocates also have voiced concern that the NHA program could be a way to exert federal influence over local zoning and land use planning.”

“…the efforts [of the] NHA program…are---in the words of the Park Service itself---‘secondary to the primary mission of the National Park Service.’ (click here to read the entire page)


3.   In the Obama Administration’s proposed 2011 budget, several reasons are given for proposing to cut funding for the NHA program by 50%:

“…so that the National Park Service can focus resources on managing national parks and other activities that most closely align with its core mission.”

“The NHA program also lacks key management controls to determine whether Federal funds are well spent.”

“Criteria has not been established to evaluate potentially qualified NHA sites for designation.  As a result, sites have been authorized that do not necessarily warrant designation.”

(Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2011, Terminations, Reductions, and Savings)


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