Saving our homes. Preserving our land. Protecting our rights.
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Federal Legislation

     •  S.359 - Expired at the end of the 111th Congress (Dec. 2010).  Expected to be reintroduced under a new 
                     Bill number.

Information on Heritage Areas and Property Rights

     •  NHAs:  Assault on Private Property and Local Community Rule

     •  Property Rights Foundation of America

     •  The National Center for Public Policy Research

     •  The Heritage Foundation

     •  Threat to Property Rights

Information on Condemnation

     •  The Castle Coaltion (scroll down to Wheeling) - 90% of downtown threatened with condemnation stemming
                                                                                    from recommendations in a NHA management plan.

     •  The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute

     •  West Virginia University - College of Business and Economics (page 106 about Wheeling)

     •  Hinton, West Virginia - Residents advocating for road repair find themselves ousted.

Hawaii's Proposed National Heritage Area

     •  Hawaii Capital National Heritage Area:  Property and Community Rights at Risk

     •  Hawaii National Heritage Area:  Hidden Costs, Less Transparency

Assessment and Analysis of NHAs

     • Performance Report - White House analysis of Government programs.

     •  "Are National Heritage Areas Good for Us?" -  Article by Joyce Morrison.

Recent Events and Issues Regarding Heritage Areas

     •  Ozark County Times - Community opposition causes withdrawal of NHA proposal in Missouri. [Read a letter from
                                            the County Commissioners here]

     •  The Daily News - Community opposition leads to withdrawl of NHA proposal in Washington State.

     •  North Dakota Policy Council - The dubious process of designation for the Northern Plains NHA.

     •  An Ugly Heritage - John Miller writes about what happened with the Yuma, AZ, NHA.

     •  The New York Times - In Mali, certain groups benefit at the expense of others.

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